Emmanuel Song

Emmanuel OKoye A.K.A Emmanuel Song is a Global Youth Peace Ambassador, International award winning singer,  Chartered Mediator and Conciliator, Certified Peace Educator and also an Art's in Medicine Fellow. Emmanuel is passionate about making the world a better and much peaceful place for everyone; and he believes in using his voice, talent's and skills as a tool to change the world. Emmanuel has reached over 30,000 people direct or indirectly with his music over the years through Media, and radio stations, musical performance , global music streaming platforms internationally and within his country Nigeria. Emmanuel  is Internationally known for his debute single  "We Can Live Together" a multiple award winning song that inspires love, peace, unity, progress, and togetherness.  Emmanuuel with his skills in Information Technology has trained over 5000 young people to use the computer, through his Tech4Peace initiate thereby reducing computer illiteracy in local communities. Emmanuel also volunteers his time as a skilled, trained and certified young peace builder to train over 300 traditional leaders, chiefs, and all levels of community leaders in vulnerable communities to shun voilence, stop bloodshed, tribal, inter and intra communal wars and crisis. Emmanuuel who is widely known as a concious singer who sings about the realities of life, and also inspires people through his songs to live, and lead a better life, committed to making the world a better place for everyone and loving one another everyday, no matter our differences; be it language, colour, or race #WeAreOne #WeCanLiveTogether

My voice is my power, to change the world.” - Emmanuel Song